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Personality Type is a proven and trusted online Self-Assessment based on the best-selling book, Do What You Are®. Designed to reveal how and where students will be most successful in their career, Personality Type integrates a detailed personality report with a  career  database to provide the student with suggested careers, associated programs of study, strengths, blind spots, and a detailed description of the student. 

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Why should I buy Personality Type?

  • Identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • Increase your child’s self-awareness.

  • Boost your child’s effectiveness selecting a major and graduating with that selected major. Changing majors can be very costly.

  • Improve your child’s retention.

  • Allow your child to make more informed decisions about their future (programs of study and careers).

  • Invaluable details in the report reveal how and where your child will be successful.

  • It has been found that people are happiest and most successful when in careers that allows them to use their greatest natural gifts. Personality type is one of the best ways of determining what those gifts are.

  • Your child can learn about interests, tasks and activities, important knowledge and skills within each of the hundreds of career profiles.


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